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Hi, My name is Reese Keown (nee Newton), and I am The Voice of ReeseN (reason).

Why is reason spelt so funny you ask?, well, My Coaching company's name is a play on my name and maiden Surname.


The Voice of ReeseN, is part of

The Virtual ReeseN brand, a newly established agency powered by the passion to build good long-lasting relationships.

Like the Phoenix, we take the energy of the old (our experiences), combine it with the new (what we have learned), and soar into the future.

By learning from the traditions of the past and the teachings of the present, we want to rediscover the craft of the services we render.

The Voice of ReeseN’s main focus is to be the voice of reason through Life coaching, and using techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy.

I specifically, am a Mindfulness Coach.

Coaching with the aim to alleviate trauma, to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in my client to help them see the potential within themselves.

Think of it, as having a best friend.

One that you can speak to at any time, about anything, with no judgment.

To be your Voice of ReeseN.

Whatsapp me on 061 545 0988 between Mon - Thurs from 8am - 5pm,

Fri from 8am to 1pm.



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